4. Recycled αIMG

This happens live as revenue occurs. Revenue in any denomination is used to purchase αIMG tokens. The platform has multiple revenue streams such as marketplace and launchpad fees of which a fixed proportion is used to acquire αIMG.

4.1 Burn

The burn amount is determined from the αIMG staking ratio at that time.

Where, S is the amount of αIMG staked, expressed as a proportion of all circulating tokens, the burn rate is determined as 1 − S.

In extremis, at zero staking, 100% of recycled αIMG are burnt.

4.2 Distribute

The post-burn residual is allocated to Creators in proportion to their staking eligibility, although stakes may be adjusted for capital efficiency.

We would expect Creators to share rewards with their staking pools, although this is left open to market interpretation.

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